Mohamed Abdelhack

Computational Neuroscience Postdoctoral Fellow Whole Person and Population Modelling Lab.


I am a computational neuroscientist interested in the interface between neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and psychiatry. I use machine learning to model cognitive processes especially visual inference and investigate how perturbations in these models can emulate psychiatric conditions. I utilize fMRI data as well as electronic medical records.

I am currently investigating neurological substrates of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and how they can affect physical health. My other research interests span computational neuroscience, healthcare informatics, and deep learning.

Originally from Alexandria, Egypt, I left as an electrical engineer in 2012 and have been traversing through different countries in search for good science and good human beings. I did my graduate studies in OIST (MSc.) and Kyoto University (PhD under the supervision of Prof. Yuki Kamitani). Before moving into Canada, I completed a Postdoc in Washington University in St. Louis.

When I’m not sciencing, I am either reading, playing sports (currently interested in calisthenics and bouldering but these can change anytime), travelling (visas permitting), walking and listening to music, or searching for a new fun activity.

I also appreciate a good conversation about politics, human rights, history, philosophy, and geography. In a parallel universe (or alternate timeline), I’m a news reporter covering hot events live from the field. I’m a pan-Arab, pan-African, and pan-World (if that’s a thing). When it comes to food, I’m very politically incorrect and biased so ask me at your own risk.


Mar 01, 2024 Our paper Ten simple rules for pushing boundaries of inclusion at academic events was just published.
Feb 10, 2024 Our paper Multi-view representation learning for tabular data integration using inter-feature relationships was just published.
Jan 28, 2024 I participated at the Imbizo Computational Neuroscience Summer School as a Teaching Assistant.
Dec 05, 2023 I presented a poster titled Uncovering the Visual Processing Imbalance in Schizophrenia Using Deep Neural Network Representations at the CVR and VISTA Vision Conference at York University.
Dec 04, 2023 I received the Society of Biological Psychiatry Travel Award.

selected publications

  1. Open Access
    Opposing brain signatures of sleep in task-based and resting-state conditions
    Mohamed Abdelhack, Peter Zhukovsky , Milos Milic , and 6 more authors
    Nature Communications, 2023
  2. Open Access
    A Modulation Layer to Increase Neural Network Robustness Against Data Quality Issues
    Mohamed Abdelhack, Jiaming Zhang , Sandhya Tripathi , and 5 more authors
    Transactions on Machine Learning Research, 2023
  3. Open Access
    Sharpening of hierarchical visual feature representations of blurred images
    Mohamed Abdelhack, and Yukiyasu Kamitani
    Eneuro, 2018